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The OwnSkin team would like to thank the following translators for their hard work in translating OwnSkin to various languages:

CN By 百疑
TW By 百疑
SA By Saad
JP By 中川祐輔
PL By Sebastian , usu2
TH By Annie Lin , SheSa
IT By F.Salvatelli , F.Confuorto
TR By Erhanersoz
VN By Nguyen Trung Hieu , thinkbn
RU By Outsider
ES By Driuworld
NL By Catyes
ID By Yudi Afrianto
FR By Murielle
IR By SilverPG.ir
DK By Jon Barsøe

Please contact us if you discover any translation mistakes, or would like to help us translate OwnSkin into your native language!
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